lukas rosen studio

lukas rosen is an artist born in aachen, germany who explores the endless combinations of text and image. in his works surrealism, melancholy and humor meet human interaction. his drawings and poems are broken down into very simple language using only few materials, words and/or strokes. limitation is the key factor in his process in which he finds diversity. his influences consist mainly of musicians. daniel johnston, liz Harris, isaac brock. all rather crooked poetry. the core of lukas' work is the sketchbook. parts of it as well as ideas from the affect are transferred to larger formats. lukas believes in high-quality paper, good light and a clear head. he currently resides in berlin.


group exhibition
skm group Show / october 2022
meetfrida gallery
große elbstraße 68, 22767 hamburg

group exhibition
kunstmixtape vol. 6 / october 2022
kunsthalle görlitz
jakobstraße 2, 02826 görlitz

group exhibition
millerntor gallery  / june 2022
harald-stender-Platz 1, 20359 hamburg

group exhibition
skm group Show / march 2022
käthe-kollwitz-straße 5, 04109 leipzig

photography by valentin waibel